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Hi! I am Michael.

Welcome to Lingcata, where language learning transforms into an exhilarating adventure! I am your dedicated language coach and mentor, and I'm here to empower you, help you save time and money, and relish the joy of mastering new languages.
Say farewell to one-size-fits-all methods and welcome personalized, lifelong language success. At Lingcata, I'm not just your language coach and mentor; I'm your accountability partner, ensuring your progress with unwavering support and guiding you through every step of this incredible journey.
With personalized coaching and mentoring, you’ll conquer language learning challenges and boost your confidence to communicate effectively.

Find Your Language Learning Profile

At Lingcata, I understand that embarking on a language-learning journey is a deeply personal and transformative experience. Every language learner shares a unique story, but their goals are united by a common thread— the determination to conquer new horizons through language.

Is this you?

1. Volunteer (Averse to Relying on Interpreters):
  • " I am a dedicated volunteer. I believe in building genuine connections without relying solely on interpreters. For me, learning the local language is the key to understanding and making a lasting impact."

2. Fear of Learning and Perceived Difficulty:
  • "I understand that learning a new language can feel overwhelming. I grapple with the fear of the unknown, from complex grammar to mastering pronunciation. I acknowledge my need for assistance and am eager to seek guidance and support to become proficient in the language."

3. Heritage Language Learner:
  • "I am an avid Heritage Language Learner. I'm on a mission to preserve my cultural roots and heritage while enabling myself to converse with extended family members, bridging generations through language."

4. Expat Seeking Connection:
  • "I am an ex-pat living in a foreign country for years. I value breaking language barriers but still struggle to learn the local language. I know that learning the language would enrich my experience and foster meaningful connections during my extended stay."

5. Dedicated Long-term Language Learner:
  • "I am a dedicated long-term language learner. I have confronted enduring challenges, navigating plateaus, and maintaining resilience. I have realized that seeking external support is often necessary to overcome these obstacles."

6. Traveler in Search of Authenticity:
  • " I am a traveler in search of authentic experiences. Embracing local languages enables me to unlock profound interactions and truly enrich my journeys."

7. Non-Profit Leader Bridging Gaps:
  • " I am a non-profit leader keenly aware of the need to bridge gaps through language. I am taking my first step towards understanding local nuances, enabling effective communication, and tailoring efforts for maximum impact."

8. Self-Directed Learner:
  • " I am a self-directed learner who thrives on self-sufficiency. My main challenge revolves around navigating resources, establishing clear goals, and maintaining motivation without formal guidance.

9. Aspiring Multilingual:
  • "I aspire to become multilingual. I face a complex challenge—uncertainty about where and how to initiate this journey, finding the right resources, tackling multiple languages, and selecting effective learning materials. My need for assistance and direction is evident as I strive for personal and professional growth through multilingualism."

Can you relate to any of these stories? If so, then you qualify for a free discovery session.

take the first step toward achieving your language goals!

Language learning is a life-changing odyssey, opening doors to diverse cultures, global opportunities, and meaningful connections. However, it often comes with overwhelming challenges. At Lingcata, I am dedicated to ensuring your language learning experience is not just successful, but a delightful adventure.

Here's why you should listen to me:

Expert Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom of a seasoned polyglot who speaks five languages. My proven methods are rooted in extensive research and real-world success stories.

Efficiency and Savings: Say goodbye to costly language schools, ineffective methods, tools, and approaches, and hello to efficient, budget-friendly learning. At Lingcata I help you make progress while saving both time and money.

Joyful Learning: I believe language learning should be a delight, not a chore. When you enjoy the learning process your motivation is improved and you make faster progress.

Your Learning, Your Way: Take the reins of your language journey. Choose the languages, set your goals, and dictate your pace. I'm here to guide you while you remain in control.

Lifelong Learning: At Lingcata, I nurture more than language skills; I cultivate a lifelong learning mindset. Expand your horizons, appreciate new cultures, and grow personally.

This free discovery session is an opportunity for you to discover my unique approach and learn how I can help you achieve your language-learning goals and accomplish your purpose. There's absolutely no commitment involved

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Client testimonials

As a nurse with Spanish-speaking patients and a passion for traveling, I had been wanting to learn Spanish for years but didn't know where to start. That's when I heard about Lingcata and was introduced to Michael, my coach and teacher. With his engaging teaching style and encouragement, I went from knowing only a few words to being able to successfully communicate with locals during my recent trip to Costa Rica. Michael's coaching has been immensely helpful and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled and fun Spanish Teacher.

- Melissa Maxwell, USA

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael several years ago. Last year during remote learning when I realized my son needed help with his Spanish class, I knew exactly who to contact. Michael’s patience and diligence would be key to my son’s success. Throughout the tutoring sessions, he provided consistent communication and progress updates. Thanks to Michael’s multilingual fluency, our son made great strides and was prepared to move to a higher-level course. I would recommend working with him to learn a new language or to improve your current skills.

-Constance, USA

Before Michael, I was trying to learn Haitian Creole on my own through the little resources available, and it was almost impossible to find credible resources for the Haitian Creole language. I was learning, but without Michael, I wasn't able to understand the way Haitian people think, and there was no context to the words and phrases I was learning.

After doing sessions with Michael, I realized it was crucial to understand how to learn a language, and practicing my speaking with him has been so beneficial to my Haitian Creole. I can confidently say he has helped me learn things that I would have never learned on my own. Mèsi anpil (thank you very much), Michael!

-Faith yang (USA)

Your coaching sessions have helped me a lot. You have helped me develop my speaking skills and gain confidence in myself and not be afraid to make mistakes when I am learning. In one of our sessions, you said that listening is the key skill required to become a good communicator: I will never forget that. You have taught me that I don't need to wait for perfection to use what I learn and have fun with it.

Thanks to the methods you gave me, I have learned how to learn and also how to apply what I learn effectively. Thank you for helping me!

-Dulorier Djerry.

6-month group coaching program participant.

Your English language coaching and mentoring program have had a remarkable impact on our company's employees. They have gained confidence and demonstrated significant improvements in diction, grammar, reading, speaking, and writing.

Feedback from our team has been uniformly positive. Your personalized approach, tailored resources, and constructive feedback have been highly praised. Many expressed surprise at their rapid progress.

Working with you has been a pleasure. Your responsiveness, relatability, and dedication to our employees' growth are commendable.

We wholeheartedly recommend your program to others. It's proven to be a valuable investment in our employees' language skills and, by extension, our company's success.

-Julie Browne (USA)

Manager at Destiny Entreprises

Survey Feedback: What Learners in my group program Have Shared

  • "I would never trade your language coaching and mentoring for traditional teaching. Your personalized approach is far more effective."

  • "We never thought we'd be able to get to the level we are at with our language skills. Your personalized sessions and resources have exceeded our expectations."

  • "You helped me see things differently; that language learning is not rote memorization. Learning became enjoyable and meaningful."

  • "This language coaching and mentoring program has allowed us to do things that we would have never done by ourselves."

  • "In language schools, they teach so that we can pass an exam, but you teach us for life."

  • "We would have never learned all the things that I have learned in this program if it was a traditional school."

  • "In school, it’s a one-size-fits-all approach. You use different ways to explain things when we don’t understand. School is boring, and I really like the fact that you hold us accountable."

  • "You've given us a variety of resources that are tailored to our learning style. This has made the learning experience engaging and effective."

  • "You tailor the sessions based on our individual needs and provide us with resources to continue developing on our own time."

  • "You hold us accountable and really guide us to grow in our language skills. The structure you provide has been a game-changer."

  • "You taught me to learn the language doing something I love. This approach has made a significant difference in my progress."

  • "Now I am not afraid to speak. Your coaching has boosted my confidence in speaking."

  • "Teaching me how to create a language learning plan and schedule has helped gain focus and structure my learning."

  • "You motivate us in a way that we have never motivated ourselves."

  • "This coaching program has fostered more curiosity in me because I like to learn by myself, and I have been able to discover a lot of things."

  • "I didn't learn a lot in school because I was bored all the time. Your way of teaching is better for me."

  • "Your language coaching and mentoring has helped me improve my critical thinking and think faster. It used to take me 3 hours to write a paper, now it takes me 30 minutes. I didn't know that I could write faster."

  • "I hated presentations; I couldn’t even begin one in English. But with practice, it became easier, and I found it interesting."

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