Free Language Webinar: Master Any Language, Build Meaningful Connections, and Make a Lasting Impact.

Overcome Language Learning Barriers: A Guide for Adults to Successfully Learn Any Language with Principles and Strategies Backed by Science and Countless Success Stories.

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The Struggles of Language Barriers

  1. Unfulfilled Dreams

    Do you dream of making a profound difference in the world? As a volunteer or missionary, your passion for service is undeniable. But language barriers can limit your ability to truly connect with the communities you serve.

  2. Frustration and Overwhelm

    This frustration is all too common, and I understand it. Learning a new language, especially as an adult with a busy schedule, can feel overwhelming. Maybe you've tried Spanish, French, Swahili, or another language for years, and haven't seen the results you hoped for. You might even feel like giving up.

  3. Lack of Time and Confidence

    The constant battle to find time can leave you feeling frustrated. On top of that, the fear of making mistakes or simply not feeling confident enough to speak can hold you back from practicing.

But here's the good news: this free webinar is for YOU!

No matter your past experience, even if you've struggled for years, this program offers a different approach. It's not based on guesswork – it's built on science, extensive research, and the success stories of countless language learners including volunteers like you.

Imagine the joy of having a heartfelt conversation with someone from a different culture, breaking down barriers, and building genuine connections.

Imagine the impact you could have by

Making a Tangible Difference: By learning the local language, you'll be able to collaborate effectively with local partners. Together, you can design solutions that address the community's most pressing needs, like improving access to healthcare or creating new economic opportunities. Witnessing the transformative power of your work, as you empower people and create lasting change, becomes even more rewarding.

Building Deep Connections & Friendships: Break down cultural barriers and forge genuine connections that foster empathy, trust, and lifelong friendships. Share laughter, stories, and traditions, developing a richer social network through these meaningful experiences.

What You'll Gain in This Webinar

  1. Crack the Code

    Discover the core mindsets that differentiate successful adult language learners from those who struggle.

  2. Science-Powered Strategies

    Learn practical techniques rooted in research and proven to accelerate language learning.

  3. Personalized Approach

    I'll guide you in tailoring your language-learning journey to your specific goals and situation, regardless of the language.

  4. Q&A and Bonus E-Book

    Get your most burning questions on language learning answered by a language coach and mentor.

    Plus, receive a free copy of the e-book "A Guide to Successful Adult Language Learning" at the end of the webinar. This exclusive resource is packed with:

    • Science-backed strategies for accelerated learning.

    • Real-world tactics for adult learners, developed through years of experience.

    • Expert insights to make your language learning journey enjoyable and effective.

Your Guide Michael: From Frustrated Language Learner to Language coach and mentor

Ever feel stuck trying to learn a new language? That's exactly where I started. My desire to communicate with visitors from the USA fueled my initial journey, but traditional methods left me doubting myself so much, that I even quit learning English for a while. A simple gift, however, reignited my passion for languages – a dictionary!

Through trial and error, I cracked the code and mastered English, along with several other languages. Yet, witnessing others struggle sparked a deeper curiosity. Why could some people learn multiple languages, while others felt stuck with just one? This question led me down a path of research, where I started digging into the science behind successful adult language learning.

My approach, born from this journey, is a data-driven, personalized approach honed through experimentation and real-world results. It's the culmination of my own struggles, research, and the success stories of countless language learners just like you. Now I speak Spanish, English, Haitian Creole, French, Brazilian Portuguese, and next up? Turkish!

Unlock the joy of communication – you CAN do it too! There's no special talent required, just the right approach and guidance.

This webinar is for YOU, regardless of your past language learning experience!

Let me guide you on your journey, no matter which language you choose to learn.

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Real feedback from real people

I have wanted to learn Spanish for several years but never knew where to start. As a nurse, I have many Spanish-speaking patients and wanted to be able to communicate with them without relying on an interpreter. I also enjoy traveling and always wished I could better connect and communicate with the locals.

I heard about Lingcata and was so excited about the opportunity to learn Spanish. When I started classes, I only knew a handful of Spanish words. Michael has taught me so much over the past several months. He is always encouraging, explains things well, and has a fun and engaging personality. I look forward to each class we have together. Michael's coaching has helped me immensely along the way.

I recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica where I was able to successfully communicate with the local people. I highly recommend Michael if you are looking for a highly effective and fun Spanish teacher.

-Melissa Maxwell

We met Michael on our first mission trip to Haiti in August 2017. After a few trips to Haiti, we wanted to learn the language. Michael asked us if we would be interested in him teaching us after he found out we were looking for a language mentor. Without hesitation, we said yes because of our relationship with Michael.

He is a person of his word and he truly loves people. He said he needed to know our why behind the want. After we talked about it he began to build a language foundation. Every time we had a struggle Michael worked hard to help us through it. After working with Michael we feel like we can communicate in Haiti.

-Tom and Louise

Your training significantly boosted our employees' confidence and English abilities. They now express themselves clearly with improved diction, grammar, reading, speaking, and writing. Reviews showed impressive progress in word choice, grammar, and writing. They speak with authority and vocal inflection that truly conveys their message.

Employees rave about your helpful classes. You provided personalized resources and feedback that facilitated their growth. Many never expected such improvement.

You’re great. You’re responsive and always willing to take time out of your schedule to meet with me to provide feedback and give an overview of what you’ve been working on with them. You’re relatable and amazing to work with!

We knew we needed someone who could relate to them. We’ve seen such tremendous growth in their abilities that we’ve continued beyond the original time we thought we would. We know their English skills are critical to their success and the success of the company and are certainly impressed by how much they’ve improved.

I highly recommend you. I have utilized your language skills to help with my Creole and I know first-hand how knowledgeable you are. You tailor the classes based on the individual needs of your students and provide them with resources to continue to develop on their own time. You hold them accountable and guide them to grow in their language skills.

-Julie Browne, Manager at Destiny Enterprises

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael several years ago. Last year during remote learning when I realized my son needed help with his Spanish class, I knew exactly who to contact. Michael’s patience and diligence would be key to my son’s success. Throughout the tutoring sessions, he provided consistent communication and progress updates. Thanks to Michael’s multilingual fluency, our son made great strides and was prepared to move to a higher-level course. I would recommend working with him to learn a new language or to improve your current skills.

- Constance

Before Michael, I was trying to learn Haitian Creole on my own through the little resources available, and it was almost impossible to find credible resources for the Haitian Creole language. I was learning, but without Michael, I wasn't able to understand the way Haitian people think, and there was no context to the words and phrases I was learning. After doing sessions with Michael, I realized it was crucial to understand how to learn a language, and practicing my speaking with him has been so beneficial to my Haitian Creole. I can confidently say he has helped me learn things that I would have never learned on my own.

Mèsi anpil, Michael! (Thank you very much, Michael)

-Faith yang

Being part of the lingcata program has been pivotal in my role as a founder of a nonprofit operating in Haiti. Prior to my lessons, I knew about 5 very basic greetings in Haitian Creole. Now at a beginner's level, I am able to read sentences, write, speak and listen with basic knowledge. While I still have a long way to go, I know that Lingcata is the right place for me. Michael truly meets you where you are at with your language learning skills. He is patient and makes you feel comfortable with each lesson. He holds me accountable and motivates me. This has been one of the best investments I have made!

-Marcela Gibbs

Your coaching sessions have helped me gain confidence in myself. During those sessions, I felt comfortable and had the desire to learn more every day. It is not easy to learn a new language, but you have helped me in ways I didn't expect. you taught me how to have fun while learning a language, and to be honest, I did have fun. I'm not saying that I speak English like a native speaker now haha, but I know that I have improved and I notice the improvement every day. Applying everything you have taught me makes me proud of myself.

Thank you for helping me.

-Kennie Joseph